Large size humanoid robots are adapted for research robots and entertainment robots.

The robot frames are adopted the box structure made by aluminum sheet-metal to increase the rigidity and to reduce the weight. We use our original high torque actuator units (Maxon motor and Harmonicdrive gears) and our original motor control boards for our large size humanoid robots. The feature of our large humanoid robot is that we achieved reducing the weight of the robot using the box structure frame, our original high torque actuator units, and our original motor control boards.

Large size humanoid robots will be made to order.
The following shows the specifications HAJIME ROBOT 33 as a sample robot.

>> Here is Motor Control Board


Height 2100[mm]
Weight 20[kg]
Degrees of Freedom 22
(Legs: 12, arms: 8, head: 2)
Frame Aluminum plate,
Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP)
Actuators Servo motors
(Our original actuator unit(Maxon motor and Harmonicdrive gears))
Sensors Gyroscopes (3-axis)
Accelerometer (3-axis)
Motion controller HAJIME Controller HC (ARM Cortex-M4)
Autonomous controller (Option) PC board
Camera (Option) USB Camera with wide lens
Batteries (Option) Lithium polymer battery(Li-Po) 33.3[V]
Development environment for motion controller Cross C compiler, RTM (real time monitor), MLD (motion loader), C source program
Development environment for autonomous controller (Option) Windows OS, Microsoft Visual Studio
Features High-speed walking
All directional walking
Ball kicking


System configuration of the humanoid robot

System configuration of the humanoid robot