Company Profile

 Business Name Hajime Research Institute, Ltd.
Business Areas Design, production, and sales of humanoid robots.
President Hajime Sakamoto
Doctor of engineering (March 2011)
Hajime Sakamoto
Address Miki-Seisakusyo 1-7-28 Ohno, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 555-0043 JAPAN
Phone & FAX +81-6-4808-0686 (JAPAN : country code 81)


Hope of Hajime Research Institute

I am developing humanoid robots, because I want to realize the animation robot.

When I was a junior high school and high school student, I watched the robot animation “GUNDAM”. I made many plastic models of GUNDAM’s robots. I hoped I would like to work for building robots.

I went to a university, and learned Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I decided to work for a big machine maker. The company seemed likely to build big robots.

I knew on the internet news, the Biped Robot Battle “ROBO-ONE” would be held in 2002.
I started building a biped robot alone in my room.

I founded my company Hajime Research Institute, Ltd., and began to develop humanoid robots every day.

I would like to build such a tall humanoid robot as GUNDAM.
I get on the robot and say, ‘I am the best pilot of GUNDAM!’



Our company philosophy is to cheer people by dream power. We provide a dream to people through robotic technology, and we support dreams of people by knowledge of management consultant. For that purpose, we will establish a company.

4 December 2002
Hajime Sakamoto


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