Middle size humanoid robot can afford to the size and weight that can be mounted equipment such as a small PC and cameras.The weight of the robot is about 10 [kg] and light, so that it is relatively easy to operate and test it.

The controller and system configuration is the same in all sizes of the robot, so that it is easy to migrate to small size to medium size robots.
The mainstream of the middle size robot is now “HAJIME ROBOT 39”.
The robot has high torque servo motors made by Vstone in the legs.
A parallel link mechanism in the legs is adopted to improve walking accuracy.
It is possible to change the actuators from Vstone servo motors to Robotis or Futaba servo motors.

We sell a platform kit for RoboCup humanoid league Teen size. The user won at RoboCup 2010 (CIT Brains at RoboCup 2010).


 Height 1000[mm](3.28[ft])
 Weight  10[kg]
Degrees of Freedom  17
(Legs: 10, arms: 6, head: 1)
parallel link in the legs
Frame Aluminum plate,
Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP)
Actuators Servo motors
VS-SV3310, VS-SV1150 (Vstone), MX-28R (Robotis)
Sensors Gyroscopes (3-axis)
Accelerometer (3-axis)
Motion controller HAJIME Controller HC (ARM Cortex-M4)
Autonomous controller (Option) PC board
Camera (Option) USB Camera with wide lens
Batteries (Option) Lithium polymer battery(Li-Po) 14.8[V]
Development environment for motion controller Cross C compiler, RTM (real time monitor), MLD (motion loader), C source program
Development environment for autonomous controller (Option) Windows OS, Microsoft Visual Studio
Features High-speed walking
All directional walking
Ball kicking


System configuration of the humanoid robot

System configuration of the humanoid robot