Development of 4 Meter (13-foot) Humanoid Robot

In 2010, we started a project to develop a 13-foot humanoid robot with a built cockpit like a Japanese robot anime “GUNDAM”. It is a challenging goals to develop such a huge biped walking robot in the real world. The pilot opens the hatch of the robot body and rides into the cockpit. The pilot watches the display captured by head camera and operates the robot using the joystick and the master-slave controller. The pilot moves the joint of the master doll. Then the slave robot does the same motion.

We are looking for sponsors and supporters for our project.

The latest news of this project is at the YouTube video and at facebook “4M Robot” page.

Development Progress of the Giant Humanoid Robot

In 2002, we started a project to develop a humanoid robot (HAJIME ROBOT 1). We developed one meter (3-foot) humanoid robot (HAJIME ROBOT 25) in 2007, and two meter (7-foot) humanoid robot (HAJIME ROBOT 33) which is one of the tallest humanoid robot in the world in 2009.
Now we develop a four meter (13-foot) humanoid robot with a built cockpit. Such a humanoid robot with a built cockpit is called “Mobile Suits” in robot anime “GUNDAM”.

Here are images with the development progress of 4 meter (13-foot) humanoid robot project below.

What is Gundam?
External link : Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia) “GUNDAM”